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Science News

Telling children they’re smart could tempt them to cheat
Kids who were praised for being smart were more likely to cheat, two studies suggest.
The way poison frogs keep from poisoning themselves is complicated
Gaining resistance to one of their own toxins forced some poison dart frogs to make other genetic tweaks, too.
Gene variant linked to Alzheimer’s disease is a triple threat
A genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease works on multiple aspects of the disease, researchers report.
Confusion lingers over health-related pros and cons of marijuana
50 years ago, the effects of chronic marijuana smoking on mental health were hazy. They still are.
Plate tectonics started at least 3.5 billion years ago
Analyses of titanium in rock suggest plate tectonics began 500 million years earlier than thought.
Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays come from outside the Milky Way
The biggest cosmic ray haul ever points toward other galaxies as the source of the rays, not our own.

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UPI Latest News

Soul singer Charles Bradley dead of cancer at 68
Soul singer Charles Bradley, who rose to prominence late in life after years as a journeyman cover singer, died Saturday of cancer, his label said. He was 68.
J.T. Barrett throws five touchdowns as No. 10 Ohio State buries UNLV
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- No. 10 Ohio State buried UNLV with an avalanche of touchdown passes in the first half and rolled to a 54-21 victory on Saturday in a nonconference mismatch at Ohio Stadium.
Jordan Leslie: Cleveland Browns promote WR to active roster
Wide receiver Jordan Leslie has been signed to the Cleveland Browns' active roster.
Racist threats against Latinos at Cal State Long Beach investigated
The FBI and university police are investigating racist death threats and anti-Semitic posts made against student groups at Cal State Long Beach this week.
Pilot, passenger survive small plane crash near LA supermarket
Two college students headed to Burbank airport in southern California survived when their small aircraft crash-landed on a city street late Friday.
Yiannapoulos rally at UC-Berkeley canceled
Organizers of a conservative rally featuring outspoken conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos at UC-Berkeley said the event has been canceled.

Germany News

'Bring home the bacon,' Merkel tells voters on eve of poll
Chancellor Angela Merkel and her rival Martin Schulz rallied voters on the eve of Sunday's vote, urging Germans to shun the first hard-right party expected to enter parliament in force since the end of World War II.
Six numbers to watch for in Germany's polls
As Germany heads to the polls on Sunday, here are six numbers to watch for - from pints to percentages and parliamentary debuts.
Last flight home for icon of 'German Autumn' of terror
Forty years ago next month, German anti-terror commandos stormed a Lufthansa jet in Somalia, shot its Palestinian hijackers and freed 90 hostages, a climax in a bloody era of far-left militancy.
Why German parties are flyering and advertizing in languages from Russian to English
With so many voters apparently still undecided about who to pick on Sunday, parties have taken to advertizing in several languages, desperate for every vote they can get.
Axe man in Düsseldorf attack committed to psychiatric ward
A German court on Friday committed to a psychiatric ward a 37-year-old Kosovo man diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic who wounded nine people in an axe rampage.
Germany tightens road laws in response to reckless and selfish driving
The Bundesrat (German upper house of parliament) signed off on laws on Friday which impose far harsher punishments on reckless driving. The government has cited road racing and impeding emergency services as causes for the tougher laws.