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Science News

We share the Milky Way with 100 million black holes
New census calculates black hole populations in galaxies big and small.
Where does the solar wind come from? The eclipse may offer answers
A quick-fire polarization camera should help scientists detect the origins of the solar wind during the Aug. 21 eclipse.
Eclipses show wrong physics can give right results
Math for making astronomical predictions doesn’t necessarily reflect physical reality.
Embryos kill off male tissue to become female
Female embryos actively dismantle male reproductive tissue, a textbook-challenging study suggests.
How an itch hitches a ride to the brain
Scientists have figured out how your brain registers the sensation of itch.
Why are the loops in the sun’s atmosphere so neat and tidy?
Observations during the total solar eclipse may explain why the sun’s atmosphere is so organized despite arising from a tangled magnetic field.

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UPI Latest News

Car bucks wheel during high-speed stunt attempt
A would-be stunt driver attempting a high-speed donut in a car he fixed himself ended up bucking a wheel in a failed stunt caught on camera.
Mitt Romney: Trump must apologize for Charlottesville statements
Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney posted a statement calling on President Donald Trump to apologize for Charlottesville remarks. Here is the full statement.
NASA offers advice on safe viewing of the Great American Eclipse
Excitement is building across the country for the biggest celestial event in the contiguous United States since 1979, but experts warn safety first.
More than a thousand dancing robots break world record
More than a thousand robots performed a choreographed dance routine together to set a world record in China.
Royal Canadian Navy awards Thales support contract for up to 35 years
Thales In-Service Support will provide refit, repair, and maintenance services for Canadian Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships.
John Cena stars in Season 2 of WWE's 'Southpaw Regional Wrestling'
WWE has released online the second season of their retro comedy series "Southpaw Regional Wrestling" starring John Cena, Daniel Bryan and other WWE Superstars.

Germany News

Switzerland bans new Porsche SUVs over emissions cheating
Switzerland said on Friday that it will no longer register Porsche's luxury SUV, the Cayenne, with diesel engines citing the fallout from the emissions scandal that has rocked neighbouring Germany's car industry.
'Unprecedented interference' as Erdogan tells Turks in Germany not to vote for 'enemies of Turkey'
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday called on Turks living in Germany not to vote for the two parties in Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling grand coalition or the Greens in next month's legislative elections, calling them "enemies of Turkey".
New scientific study examines the sex habits of Germans
A new scientific study about the sexual behaviours of Germans reveals surprising results, particularly with regard to the prevention and treatment of STDs.
This historic German town is falling apart in 'slow-motion catastrophe'
A German town’s decision to invest in geothermal energy backfired badly after underground drilling went wrong and hundred of buildings began to fall apart.
Merkel: We won’t halt election rallies but we will mourn Spain attack victims
Germany's election rallies will mourn victims of Spain's deadly attacks, but they won't be halted as they are a celebration of democracy, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday.
The Bundesliga kicks off again on Friday but can anyone stop Bayern Munich?
Bayern Munich start the season on Friday depleted through injuries, but pre-season wobbles and changes in personnel will at least give their rivals some hope of breaking the Bavarian stranglehold.