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Science News

Citizen scientists join the search for Planet 9
Backyard Worlds: Planet 9, a citizen science project, lets space enthusiasts search for undiscovered objects in the sky, including a hypothesized planet at the far reaches of the solar system.
Trump’s proposed 2018 budget takes an ax to science research funding
Administration would cut total federal research spending by about 17 percent, according to a preliminary estimate.
Running is contagious among those with the competitive bug
Can behaviors really be contagious? Runners log more miles when their friends do — especially if they want to stay leader of the pack, a new study finds.
Magnetism disrupts winds on ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet
Simulations of HAT-P 7b’s magnetic field give clues to why the exoplanet’s winds blow both east and west.
Juno spacecraft reveals a more complex Jupiter
NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back unexpected details about Jupiter, giving scientists their first intimate look at the giant planet.
Obscure brain region linked to feeding frenzy in mice
Nerve cells in a little-studied part of the brain exert a powerful effect on eating, a mouse study suggests.

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Neil Patrick Harris shares birthday message to 'glorious' husband David Burtka
Neil Patrick Harris shared on Instagram a birthday message to his husband David Burtka.
WWE Raw: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins clash
Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins reignited their feud Monday on Raw, less than a week away from their Fatal 5-Way Match at Extreme Rules.
At least five dead as Cyclone Mora hits coastal Bangladesh
Cyclone Mora made landfall in southeast Bangladesh, killing at least five people and forcing hundreds of thousands into shelters, emergency officials said.
Saab displays new lightweight torpedo
A new lightweight torpedo designed for the Swedish Navy is being displayed by Saab.
Gazprom, Shell review LNG opportunities
Russian energy company Gazprom said it signed agreements with Royal Dutch Shell that could expand on bilateral deals related to liquefied natural gas.
Norway lauded for energy and climate balance
Norway's consistency as an oil and gas producer with ambitious renewable energy goals makes it a model for other nations, an international report found.

Germany News

Planned Erfurt mosque targeted with dead pigs on wooden stakes
Police are investigating after someone placed body parts of dead pigs on wooden stakes at the construction site of a planned mosque in Erfurt.
Woman bites off part of son-in-law's finger during heated fight
An argument in Munich between family members turned violent, culminating in a mother-in-law biting off part of her son-in-law's finger as he choked her.
Germany's Social Democrats call for resistance against Trump's policies
Leading Social Democrat (SPD) politicians are calling for a European resistance against the policies of US President Donald Trump.
Germany and India hope to deepen ties with Modi's Berlin visit
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Chancellor Angela Merkel for joint cabinet talks in Berlin on Tuesday as the Asian population giant and Europe's top economy seek to deepen ties.
Britain reassures Merkel it will be 'strong partner' after Brexit
Britain on Monday said it would be a "strong partner" to Germany in response to comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Britain and the United States no longer being reliable allies.
Greece, Germany agree to slow refugee family reunification: report
Greece and Germany have agreed to slow the reunification of refugee families divided between the two nations during their scramble to safety, according to a leaked letter published on Monday.