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Science News

Most Americans like science — and are willing to pay for it
Americans drastically overestimate how much the government spends on science. But when correctly informed, they want the government to spend more.
Ancient Romans may have been cozier with Huns than they let on
Nomadic Huns and Roman farmers shared ways of life on the Roman Empire’s fifth century frontier.
Deadly New Zealand quake hopscotched across faults
The Nov. 14, 2016, earthquake in New Zealand was much larger than thought possible at the time, prompting a rethink of hazard assessments.
Dengue fever spreads in a neighborly way
Individual strains of dengue spread locally, and new infections cluster near the home of the first person affected.
Random mutations play large role in cancer, study finds
Mistakes made while copying DNA account for more mutations in cancer cells than environment or inheritance do.
Arctic sea ice hits record wintertime low
Warm temperatures and heat waves reduced sea ice extent in the Arctic to its smallest maximum extent ever seen.

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UPI Latest News

Ex-CIA head James Woolsey: Mike Flynn discussed plan to remove Erdogan foe
Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey said former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussed removing a foe of Turkey's government from the United States.
'Lion Guard,' 'Mickey and the Roadster Racers' renewed by Disney Junior
Disney Junior says it has ordered additional seasons of its animated series "Mickey and the Roadster Racers" and "The Lion Guard."
Martin Clunes resumes filming 'Doc Martin' in Cornwall
Martin Clunes has returned to Cornwall film fresh episodes of his ITV dramedy "Doc Martin."
U.S. investigating Mosul airstrikes that left hundreds of civilians dead
Senior U.S. military leaders announced an investigation into reports that up to 200 civilians were killed in recent U.S. coalition air strikes in Mosul.
Human Rights Watch calls on Congo to search for missing U.N. officials
The humanitarian group Human Rights Watch called on Congo's government to help locate a group of experts who went missing some two weeks ago.
John Leguizamo to play ATF agent in 'Waco' miniseries
John Leguizamo has signed on to play ATF agent Robert Rodriguez in "Waco," a six-part event series to premiere on Paramount Network in 2018.

Germany News

UK absent as EU leaders seek unity on 60th birthday
European Union leaders celebrated the 60th anniversary of the bloc's founding treaties at a special summit in Rome on Saturday in a symbolic show of unity despite Britain's looming departure.
Are there holes in the official Germanwings crash story?
The father of the Germanwings co-pilot, who prosecutors concluded crashed a plane in the French Alps in 2015, claims his son is innocent. Does he have a case?
Stuck in the 80s: 70 percent of German firms still use fax machines
A new survey of how German businesses communicate shows that a large majority still admit to using the Cold War-era technology - and quite frequently, too.
Six ways Germans could learn to deal with foreigners better
This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but many expats live in Germany despite the people, not because of them. So how do we change this?
Germany to see record 'job boom' in 2017: report
A new report predicts that this year Germany will see a record high in its working population to reach nearly 45 million people in a "job boom", as German media call it.
What the new 'foreigner toll' on the Autobahn will mean for you
The German parliament has at last passed measures to create a new toll for the Autobahn, after years of heated debate with Brussels over its "discrimination" towards non-Germans. But now that it's becoming a reality, here's what it actually means for you.