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Science News

Real-life adventure tale details search for legendary city
"The Lost City of the Monkey God" recounts archaeological expedition to uncover truth behind Honduras’ “White City" myth.
What a mosquito's immune system can tell us about fighting malaria
Immune system messengers carried in microscopic sacs help mosquitoes fend off malaria, new research suggests.
How desert ants navigate walking backward
Desert ants appear to use a combination of visual memory and celestial cues to make it back to the nest walking butt-first, researchers find.
Earth’s last major warm period was as hot as today
Sea surface temperatures today are comparable to those around 125,000 years ago, a time when sea levels were 6 to 9 meters higher, new research suggests.
In debate over origin of fairy circles, both sides might be right
Odd bare spots called fairy circles in African grasslands might be caused by both termites and plants.
Cancer studies get mixed grades on redo tests
Replications of cancer studies fail to reproduce some results.

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UPI Latest News

Semi trailer spills 38,000 pounds of marbles on Indiana highway
Ben Hooper
Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Indiana State Police said traffic was slowed but there was still plenty of rolling going on when a truck lost its load of 38,000 pounds of marbles.
'SNL' guest host Aziz Ansari: Donald Trump is 'the Chris Brown of politics'
Karen Butler
Aziz Ansari addressed the inauguration of President Donald Trump and the protests that followed it in his opening monologue for "Saturday Night Live."
Train derailment in southern India kills at least 36
Allen Cone
Jan. 22 (UPI) -- At least 36 passengers died in a train derailment in the southern India state of Andhra Pradesh, officials said Sunday.
New Jersey man accused of dodging $56,000 worth of tolls
Ben Hooper
Jan. 22 (UPI) -- A New Jersey man caught trying to skip a toll on the George Washington Bridge is accused of 888 toll violations totaling more than $56,000.
Trump administration won't send delegation to Syria talks
Allen Cone
Jan. 22 (UPI) -- The Trump administration won't send a delegation to talks in Kazakhstan on the war in Syria, the State Department said.
No. 11 Oregon tops Stanford to win school-record 16th straight
The Sports Xchange
EUGENE, Ore. -- Oregon isn't focused on its winning streak.

Germany News

German FM warns of 'turbulent times' post Trump
Germany's foreign minister on Sunday predicted turbulent times ahead for the world following Donald Trump's accession to power in the United States.
'Europe will wake up in 2017', Le Pen says in Germany
French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen on Saturday told a European gathering of right-wing populists in Germany that a string of high-stakes elections in 2017 would blow a wind of change across the region.
German far-right party hosts 'European counter-summit'
French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen will headline a European gathering of eurosceptic and far-right leaders in Germany on Saturday as they seek to put on a united front in a year of high-stakes elections.
Could Germany host one of the next European football championships?
The German Football Association (DFB) announced on Friday that it is applying to host the 2024 European championships.
German safety inspectors told to pay millions to women who had faulty breast implants
A French court on Friday ordered German safety certifier TUV to pay €60 million in compensation to 20,000 women who received defective breast implants that the group had approved.
'Dangerous and unpredictable': Here's how unpopular Trump is in German polls
A new poll ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration shows that most Germans are pessimistic about what he will bring to Europe.