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Science News

Tardigrades aren’t champion gene swappers after all
Genetic studies reveal more secrets of the bizarre creatures known as tardigrades.
The thinnest films of copper look flat, but they aren’t
It turns out that thin films of copper don’t lay flat, a discovery that has implications for computers and handheld electronics.
Slug slime inspires a new type of surgical glue
A new glue that mimics a slug’s mucus secretions sticks well, even when wet. The adhesive could be used in place of sutures or staples in surgeries.
Ancient DNA offers clues to the Canaanites’ fate
DNA is painting a more detailed portrait of the ancient Canaanites, who have largely been studied through the secondhand accounts of their contemporaries.
50 years ago, diabetic mice offered hope for understanding human disease
Mice described in 1967 are still helping researchers understand diabetes.
Half of the Milky Way comes from other galaxies
A galaxy may swipe up to half of its atoms from other galaxies, making the Milky Way mostly extragalactic stuff, new simulations suggest.

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